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Annual Appeal

Cedars Cancer Foundation 2016 Annual Appeal



Dear Friends,

The Cedars Cancer Foundation is asking for your help with critical funds for patient care, research, education, and supportive services. These funds will drive excellence at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) and Rossy Cancer Network (RCN). With your generosity, people such as Bob Côté will benefit from the latest treatments, delivered by world-class teams. 
Bob’s life took an improbable turn in June 2018. At the Cedars Cancer Centre, a massive tumour was found in a kidney. For the 58-year-old businessman whose healthy lifestyle included eating well and participating in sports, a cancer diagnosis couldn’t have been farther from his mind. Bob is grateful for the fast and efficient diagnosis by Dr. Armen Aprikian, Medical Director of the MUHC’s Cancer Care Mission, and for the swift and skillful removal of the cancerous kidney. While the surgery had gone well, the cancer had metastasized throughout his body. 
Bob chokes up as he shares his story. “Although this was a very difficult time, I always had faith that I would pull through. The Cedars Cancer Centre team at the MUHC rallied around me. I trusted their expertise and collaborative approach.” 
Following several consultations, Bob chose an innovative and aggressive treatment at the Jewish General, a RCN hospital. He persevered through the highs and lows with a positive mindset. He found strength in his family and friends and was inspired by his god-daughter’s strength and courage, as she too was battling cancer. In January 2019, a PET scan confirmed the cancer was shrinking. Bob was hopeful. 
On Mother’s Day, Bob was told there was no trace of cancer. 
“I am so grateful. I firmly believe that my outcome would have been different were I not living in a city with the talented healthcare professionals and researchers affiliated with McGill University. These teams are developing the types of treatments that have given me my second chance at life, and we need to give them the means to continue innovating.”
The Cedars Cancer Foundation thanks Bob for helping to raise awareness about critical funding needs. Together, our community can give patients the best odds of surviving advanced cancers. Thank you for donating today. 
In addition, through the Cedars Governors’ Circle, Cedars hopes to build its capacity to support cancer patients and their families.

Please become a member this year. By making one or more donations totalling $250 or more within a single calendar year (January 1 to December 31), you will be recognized as a member of a special leadership programme that addresses the needs of cancer patients and their families across the continuum of life, from pediatric, adolescent and adult care to survivorship, palliative and supportive care. 

With heartfelt appreciation,

Jeff J. Shamie, MPA
President and CEO

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