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Cedars Breast Cancer Program


About the Cedars Breast Cancer Program

The Cedars Breast Clinic of the MUHC clinic opens a magnificent window of hope for women facing the prospect of breast disease. Our goal is to provide women of all ages and walks of life with fully-integrated, "one stop" health care and support during one of the most difficult times of their lives. 

The Cedars Breast Clinic of the MUHC is a major regional and supra-regional referral centre for patients diagnosed with breast disease. Close to 20,000 women pass through the doors of the Cedars Breast Clinic annually. As a university health centre, it participates in the critical multi-centric clinical research trials that shape the future of breast cancer care. It delivers state-of-the-art treatments to patients and educates future health care professionals.

The Cedars Breast Clinic equipment facilities are some of the best in the province for the diagnosis and treatment of breast disease.
  • 2 digital mammography units
  • 3 ultrasound units with biopsy capability
  • MRI with MRI-guided biopsy capacity
  • A Stereotactic procedure room (computerized mammogram-guided biopsy)
Our multi-disciplinary and integrated team includes some of the world’s finest doctors and nurses who are devoted to curing the disease and treating the whole patient.
  • 6 breast surgeons
  • 6 specialized breast radiologists
  • 2 specialized nurse-clinicians
  • 3 kinesiologists providing lymphedema care
  • A psycho-oncologist specialized in the care of breast cancer patients

A revolutionary health care approach
The Cedars Breast Clinic of the MUHC brings together - in one location - top medical teams from two prestigious institutions: the Royal Victoria Hospital and the Montreal General Hospital. This is a significant women's health care milestone and a proud reflection of both the visionary leadership of the Cedars Cancer Foundation and the spirit of its committed volunteers and loyal donors.

Our medical team and support staff is committed to providing a host of complementary health care services to the patient during a single hospital visit. Whenever possible, our aim is to provide accurate examination, testing and diagnosis all on the same day. After all, endless delays and return hospital visits only prolong the psychological stress women experience waiting for a diagnosis.

It is important to note that the Cedars Breast Clinic will not only provide physical support for women. In collaboration with Cedars CanSupport and the psyhco-social services of the MUHC, the Clinic also provides emotional support for women facing breast disease and their families.

The price of a dream
Your financial support is vital to the Cedars Breast Clinic's future, as the government does not provide funding for all of our needs, such as leading edge diagnostic medical equipment and patient support services. Please take a moment now to find out more about how your dollars can make a difference in the lives of women facing breast disease and treatment by linking to the Donate section on this site.

With your support, the Cedars Breast Clinic will remain an innovative prevention and treatment centre in a care class all by itself!


Imagine a centre where women facing the prospect of breast disease can have all of her needs taken care of on one site: from examination to testing and, if needed, treatment.  The Cedars Breast Clinic is this reality.
The Cedars Breast Clinic offers women a unified holistic approach to health care.  With your moral and financial support, you can rest assured that the Cedars Breast Clinic will always remain a world class centre of hope and healing.
Our fully-integrated teams of medical professionals are among the world’s finest. They include: nurses, surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, reconstructive surgeons, dieticians and psychological support staff. Together, they work for the benefit of the patient.  

The Cedars Breast Clinic provides:
  • "One stop" centre for all breast concerns: nipple discharge, lump or mammographic abnormalities
  • Patient access to highly specializing breast surgeons and radiologists who diagnose in 2 to 3 hours
  • State-of-the-art mammography and ultrasonography
  • Access to the busiest MRI unit in the city
  • Multidisciplinary care of breast cancer patients with highly trained medical and radiation oncologists
  • Complete care to the breast cancer patient following the paradigm of BODY, MIND and SPIRIT including educational tools, art and yoga therapy options, kinesiology, dietetics and exercise


A Note from Sarkis Meterissian, MD, MSc, FRCS(C), FACS
Director Cedars Breast Clinic at the MUHC

As the management of this horrible disease has gradually improved the team at the Cedars Clinic has turned its attention to the patient herself.

We now realize that we must not only cure the disease but heal the patient. With innovative approaches such as the use of a psycho-oncologist specializing in the care of breast cancer patients and the development of an educational tool called the Breast Cancer Navigation Kit we have tried to improve the long and sometimes arduous journey of our patients from diagnosis to cure.

Most recently we have provided our patients with an opportunity to participate in a regular exercise regime free of charge with our landmark MUHC-CURVES agreement. Recently published studies clearly indicate that regular exercise can not only improve the psychological outlook of patients but can also lead to improved survival.

I am proud that the Cedars Breast Clinic at the McGill Univeristy Health Centre (MUHC) provides state-of-the-art care for over 20,000 women per year with nine surgeons, five radiologists, three specialized nurses and six radiology technicians.  We offer "one stop" integrated comprehensive health-care at absolutely no cost to women with breast health concerns.

Dr. Sarkis Meterissian


Cedars Breast Clinic
Royal Victoria Hospital
MUHC Glen Site
Block "C" North, 6th Floor
1001 Decarie blvd 
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Tel. 514-843-2829

Cedars Breast Clinic at the MUHC Glen Site

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