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After 5 successful years of raising funds in support of the Cedars Breast Clinic, this year’s Cedars Circle of Life fundraising efforts will support Sarah’s Fund for pediatric oncology at the McGill University Health Centre. “Cedars is honoured that Mary De Santis and the Circle of Life Committee will continue to fulfill our mission of upholding the highest standards of comprehensive cancer care, through the Cedars Breast Clinic and now through pediatric oncology,” states Jeff Shamie, Director General of the Cedars Cancer Foundation. “We thank Mary De Santis for all her hard work and dedication to Cedars as she continues to support oncology initiatives at the MUHC.”

“I am so happy that Mary De Santis and the Circle of Life have chosen to support Sarah’s Fund,” expresses Sarah Cook. “It’s through people in the community like Mary who make a difference in the growth of the Fund. It’s also so fitting that a portion of LockerShelf’s proceeds will support childhood cancers, as the product works so well for children and teenagers.”
On behalf of Sarah’s Fund of Cedars Cancer Foundation, we thank Mary De Santis and are excited to continue to be a part of her Circle of Life.


Mary De Santis-Destounis "On September 21, 2006, I received the most devastating news of my life. I was told that I had stage two breast cancer. The most difficult time for my children, Gregory 9 and Jenna 6, and my husband Evange, was yet to come. They were confronted by my sudden chemo treatments which began on October 12, 2006 and this lasted for 6 months but that was not all. I was no longer the happy mommy and huggable person that they knew, but rather a much more depressed human being. Often, I could not remember what day it was!

Thanks to the support of my family and friends, who I now refer to as my "Circle of Life", and to the doctors and the staff at the Cedars Breast Clinic, I was able to fight and reach my present state. I had successful surgery in April 2007 and completed radiation treatments in July of that year. Some further treatments followed and by the end of 2007, I began to feel like myself again.

With gratitude for all the care we have received, my husband and I have formed Cedars Circle of Life, a fundraising group dedicated to giving back in anyway we can. When asked 'Why the name Circle of Life?' I reply that a circle has no end and no beginning. In this life I learned you give back what was given to you. is a simple fact that I survived this dark period by being surrounded by a circle of friends, a circle of medical professionals of the highest regard and by a circle of caring people like the volunteers and staff of Cedars." 
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