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The FloconAnne week-end pour la vie has us singing from the mountaintops!
$108,365 in donations have been raised for ovarian and endometrial cancers and we have YOU to thank!


The FloconAnne week-end pour la vie benefiting the Anne Robert Morin Legacy Fund at the Cedars Cancer Foundation and Dr. Lucy Gilbert’s DOvEE project at the McGill University Health Centre surpassed its lofty $100,000 goal. We can feel the warmth of Anne’s smile…

Thank you for your inspired contribution to this event’s success.

In February of 2018, friends and family will come together to honour and remember their dear friend, Anne Robert Morin, a weekend for life.

The funds raised will benefit the Anne Robert Morin Legacy Fund at the Cedars Cancer Foundation in support of Dr. Lucy Gilbert’s The DOvEE Project, dedicated to providing education, awareness and early detection and diagnosis of Ovarian & Endometrial Cancers for women in our community.



What is FloconAnne?
In 2010, a group of women got together to raise funds for breast cancer out of solidarity for all women and because one of us was and still is afflicted by it. The event was christened “FloconRose”, lasted for 5 winters and raised over $600 000. 
The event was an entire weekend of outdoor activities in the middle of February, which at times included sleeping outside. The women extended themselves physically and mentally.  We paid all our expenses and the totality of the funds raised went to the cause.
Well in 2017, ovarian cancer took one of our Floconettes from us.  The event had always been one of her favourites.
Anne Robert Morin was a wife, mother, sister and friend.  Always smiling, always helping and always with a great attitude on life.  Therefore, in her memory, in her honour and in order to help advance the ovarian cancer cause, we are getting together again for a “FloconAnne”.
We are over 20 women who will once again meet in February to extend ourselves physically and mentally with Anne in our hearts, and ovarian cancer on our minds.  Our objective: raise $100 000.

On February 3rd and 4th, we will be in the Tremblant area climbing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, running and biking – both night and day!  It will be non-stop from Saturday 8am to Sunday noon.

Where will the funds go to?
The Cedars Cancer Foundation supports The DOvEE Project under the leadership of Dr. Lucy Gilbert, Director of the Gynecology-Oncology Division. The DOvEE Project is a research-based clinic that is affiliated with the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), one of the top-tier research-based institutes in the world.
The fundamental goal of The DOvEE Project is to ensure that eligible women are offered easy, fast access to imperative, yet specialized, medical examinations, which will consequently allow for the early detection and diagnosis of ovarian and endometrial cancers.

How to participate?
You can give to directly to FloconAnne, or meet our participants and encourage one of them.  Each one has her story and reason to participate.  Each one pays all her expenses.  We pledge to give all funds raised to The DOvEE Project.
We are all looking forward to this inspiring weekend in celebration of life and the collective fight to better treat ovarian and endometrial cancers.
Thank you for making a difference!

Participant Donations Raised
Kristell Baune $ 2,285.00
Danièle Beaudoin $ 2,305.00
Eve-Lyne Biron $ 2,750.00
Michele Boutet $ 24,155.00
Martine Collins $ 3,550.00
Martine Coulombe $ 5,125.00
Johanne Doyon $ 0.00
Vanessa Dumoulin $ 2,400.00
Diane Fontaine $ 2,400.00
Paule Fontaine $ 3,800.00
Mylène Guertin $ 7,425.00
Andrée-Dominique Jacques $ 2,175.00
Lucie Lafrance $ 2,200.00
Nathalie Le Prohon $ 13,395.00
Annie Lemieux $ 2,850.00
Catherine Louvet $ 2,150.00
Andréanne Morin $ 17,000.00
Julie Sylvestre $ 11,000.00
Flocon Anne General Donation $ 1,400.00
Donation Total $ 108,365.00
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