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Bill Powney Memorial Fund

The Bill Powney Memorial Fund at the Cedars Cancer Foundation will raise money for the McGill University Health Centre Cachexia Clinic (MCC) that consists of a novel and innovative approach designed to empower patients who are experiencing loss of function, fatigue, diminished appetite, psychological distress and other symptoms to improve their quality of life.   The MCC is composed of a select group of dedicated and enthusiastic physicians, dieticians, physiotherapists, ergotherapists and kinesiologists who work together towards diagnosing and treating malnutrition and loss of function caused by   advanced and/or chronic diseases such as cancer, AIDS, renal failure, and frailty. The MCC works in concert and collaboration with the McGill Nutrition and Performance Laboratory (MNUPAL) to favour research on nutrition and rehabilitation, always keeping in mind the very best interests and goals of patients and their families.
Our research aims to improve the classification, diagnosis and treatment of wasting syndromes associated with incurable diseases. Our findings will serve in developing new interventions to help patients with these diseases to maximize the benefits of treatments which may potentially improve their quality of life and/or survival while minimizing side effects.
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Bill was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer on September 19, 2012. It had already spread to his neck, brain and bones; he was given a year to live. True to character, Bill was determined to fight for his life.  He underwent intensive radiation and chemotherapy treatment and participated in a clinical trial. He lived an additional seven months and finally succumbed to his cancer on April 8 2014.
Cancer and its treatments are hard on the body, and can wear one down. The aggressive treatment caused Bill’s weight, appetite and muscle strength to decline. Fortuitously, he met Dr. Antonio Vigano, who heads the Cachexia clinic. Throughout his year of treatment, the clinic improved the quality of Bill’s life dramatically. He increased and sustained his average weight, and his strength increased. Because of the quality and dedication of the care provided by the clinic, Bill lived an additional 7 months to share laughter, dinners, and rugby games played by his cherished Montreal Wanderers rugby club in the company of friends and family. Determined to see his granddaughters celebrate their birthdays, Bill reached this milestone because of the care and attention he received. 
It is rare that one witnesses true “team playing” outside of the athletic world. Dr. Vigano always seeks the input of the patient and all the care-givers at the clinic. When deciding on treatment options, they all discuss the matter until a unanimous decision is reached. During Bill’s fight they provided him with an improved quality of life, but most importantly they gave him encouragement, so much so that he looked forward to his visits.

Please support the work of this truly beneficial program so others may benefit, your kind donations will be divided equally to improve patient care and to support research and education.

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