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Patient Education Office Fund - Dr. David Fleiszer


The Cedars MUHC Patient Education Oncology Guides were developed for patients and their families by the MUHC Patient Education Office and MUHC clinical content experts and healthcare teams.

Using pictures, images and animations, they can help to clarify, and individualize the complexities of modern diagnoses, treatments and care trajectories. In this way, MUHC patients can better understand their disease, and take a more active part in their treatment plans and care management. The Guides show care as it happens at the MUHC.

We need your feedback! In order to continue to improve the quality of our material, please let us know how these Guides are helpful to you, what other information you might have needed, and how we may best continue to meet your healthcare learning needs.

To learn about the Cedars Cancer Patient Education Oncology Guides, click here!
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